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Aitutaki – We Call it Home

For you, Aitutaki is the holiday paradise you’ve been looking for. For us, Aitutaki is home, and we want to share it with you. That’s why Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas is the perfect location for your Pacific Islands holiday.

Aitutaki Island

A 45-minute flight from Rarotonga, Aitutaki is one of a group of small islands enclosing the beautiful Aitutaki Lagoon. The water is warm and crystal clear, with colourful fish swimming through it. The beaches are white sand, edged with coconut palms. The air is fresh, clean and warm. In short, Aitutaki is a Pacific Island paradise.

Also traditionally known as Araʻura or Utataki, Aitutaki has a population of approximately 2,000. Of the 15 islands in the Cook Islands, Aitutaki was the first to be introduced to Christianity. That was in 1821. The Cook Islands’ oldest church is in Arutanga village. Their faith remains important to the people of the Cook Islands meaning all shops on the island remain closed on Sundays. Our guests are welcome to experience the beauty of our traditional imene tuki (hymns) and pure kapiti (friendliness).

Aitutaki Lagoon

The highlight of any Aitutaki holiday is the time spent at the lagoon. A marine reserve, Aitutaki Lagoon is consistently recognised by travel websites as one of the ten best lagoons in the world. It is on the beach at Aitutaki Lagoon that Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas sits. You can even stay in our beachfront bungalow which is just a few paces from the water.

Our Values

“Te manava, Kia mou piri”

(Deep in our heart, we hold on tight)

The foundation of our business: “Te mato nga’ueue kore” (The unshakable root)

Our aim is to consistently deliver a unique, memorable and hospitable Cook Islands’ experience. We hold our culture close to our hearts; we live it, we breath it, we embrace it, it is who we are and where we come from. Our passion, inspiration, grace, love and pride reflect the traditional heritage which our forefathers have engraved into our lives as Cook Islanders.

The core of our business: “E tangata, e tangata, e tanagata” (Our people, our people, our people)

Our most valuable asset is our team. We respect the effortless contribution provided by each member of our dedicated staff. Each staff member brings their own unique skills, adding value to the culture and heritage of the paradise that is Aitutaki – they are the backbone to the success of our business. Our respect for our local staff means we provide them with a fair income to enable a comfortable lifestyle for their families.

Serving our community & beyond:

We are inspired by the determination of our younger generations who are involved in our church communities such as in our local church, “The Free Church,” in the village of Ureia. We provide sponsorship towards the much-needed renovations of the Sunday School hall as they encourage our young generations with Christian values. Our long-term goal is to assist other youth programmes by providing sponsorship to our church community and our sister islands in the Cook Islands.

Our environment: “Te Parataito” (Our paradise):

We encourage our guests to join with us in preserving the local and global environment. We provide purified filtered water in glass bottles which can be purchased onsite, rather than using plastic bottles. We invite guests to be part of our recycling system by separating food waste that can be added to our garden compost or turned into livestock feed. We provide recycling bins and ensure guests are aware of the “Save the Environment” programme. We use solar heating system to heat water in our villas, minimising the need for electricity that causes carbon dioxide and damaging greenhouse gases.

Six Things to Do on Aitutaki

From total relaxation, to the thrill of diving or kitesurfing, Aitutaki has something for almost everyone. Whether you are on your own, with family, on honeymoon, or celebrating a special occasion, Aitutaki is the perfect destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.


The most common activity for Aitutaki holidaymakers is to simply relax. Sit in the sun, read a book, or grab a coffee at a local café while being surrounded by the beauty and warmth that characterises the people and the climate of Aitutaki.

Spa and Massage

If you want to take your relaxation to the next level, Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas provides a soothing in-house traditional massage. Traditional Aitutaki massage is full body, from the tip of the head to the toes, and uses eco-friendly, traditionally made, organic coconut oil with herbs to help soothing and relaxation. Bookings are essential to ensure you do not miss out.

Water Activities

Water activities include swimming and snorkelling, diving, day lagoon cruises, sailing, diving, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, kitesurfing, whale watching, spear fishing, and big game fishing.

For the fan of fly-fishing, there is also Bonefishing. The challenge of Bonefishing in Aitutaki attracts visitors from all over the world, and you can do it from the beach right in front of Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas.

Tour the Island

Aitutaki offers a number of boat and onshore tours. Boat trips include visits to outer islands, and exploration of the lagoon sea-life. Onshore tours include 4WD safari tours of the island which include learning about local history and legends.

Cultural Tours and Evenings

There are a number of tours which include local villages and culture including weaving demonstrations, but do not miss out on being part of an island night cultural show. Enjoy a meal from an umu (traditional underground earth oven), take part in local dancing, and check out the Aitutaki fire-dancers.

Local Cuisine

Just a short stroll from Tai Roto Bay Beach Villas are some excellent restaurants and bars serving modern Cook Island and international cuisine, including seafood caught locally. There is also an abundance of fresh local fruit and world-class wines available.

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